Lunch for the Bunch

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Lunch for the Bunch

Skip the wagon and come on out for lunch on your own horse, bike, or on your own two feet!

July and August, 12 noon
$50 per person, gst included
Advanced reservations are mandatory through our Banff Office with payment in advanced, and all waivers completed.

We require a minimum of 5 people to offer this service.

Visa and MasterCard accepted. Must be paid in advance. DROP IN OR DAY VISITORS ARE NO LONGER PERMITTED  ON OUR PROPERTY without an advanced reservation, DUE TO HEALTH, SAFETY AND INSURANCE REASONS.

Meal includes buffalo burgers and smokies, buns, salads, delicious home-baked goodies and our delectable pie!  In the case Mother Nature doesn’t co-operate, scrumptious cowboy chili or homemade soups and sandwiches will be substituted for the grilled items.

We do not operate as a restaurant; lunch will be served to our registered overnight guests and those day visitors with advanced reservations at the same time.  If you miss your booked lunch time, your meal will be devoured by someone else and no refund will be given! Soooooo… better not get lost on the trail! Please wait outside our fence and a staff member will greet you.

Daily GetawaysCoffee and Goodies*

Bottomless coffee with a plate of home-baked treats or heavenly pie!*Goodies are available on cook’s good days and before Tim has devoured them!

July and August, ADVANCED RESERVATIONS ONLY through our Banff office. Day visitors from the campgrounds are no longer permitted entry onto our property unless they have an advanced and paid in full reservation for coffee and any food service.

1:30pm – 3pm
$20 per person

Pre-payment and advance reservations for any food service, have been in effect since 2020. We ask that your group wait outside our fenced area until you are greeted by a staff member (for health, safety and insurance reasons).   Please be respectful of our property, and our registered guests staying with us.   For information please email for availability.

Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Prices are per person, 5% GST inclusive.  An adult must accompany children at all times. Dogs must be tied outside any fenced area and not be brought into our yard. Horses must be tied to rails located at the main entrance. Under no circumstances must horses or dogs enter any railed, fenced or gated area as stipulated by our insurance provider. If your dog can not be tied, and remain quiet, please do not bring them along. Grazing is not permitted (hand held or loose) and horses must be kept away from our livestock for health and safety reasons.

Daily GetawaysWhile visiting The Outpost, we remind you that you are on Private Property, the lease being owned by Outpost at Warden Rock Ltd. By entering our property, you are doing so at your own risk.  Please do not wander into corrals, barns, cabins or the lodge. We will be happy to give you a tour whenever possible.

Our wash and potable drinking water is available for you while visiting.

Bottled water is available for $4.

Garbage and recyclables from food and/or beverages brought with you, must be taken out with you.