Mile in Style

Mile In Style

Mile In Style

Mile in Style 6 days

For the confident and experienced rider looking to rack up the miles on a gaited horse!

  • Transportation from the Bighorn Campground to The Outpost and return via horse or mule-drawn stagecoach or wagon
  • 5 nights accommodation in rustic, fully furnished cabins featuring comfy duvets, linens and wood-burning stoves
  • Guided horseback riding on gaited horses (Tennessee Walkers) in the scenic mountain prairie grasslands of the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch and the Rocky Mountains bordering Banff National Park… Unbelievable and unparalled for guided riding! One to one instruction to improve your gaited riding skills. Be prepared to rack up the mileage as we top the week with a 65 mile ride in a day!
  • Gourmet, hearty, home-cooked meals beginning with lunch on Day 1 and ending with lunch at The Outpost or on the trail on the last day!
  • Daily activities at The Outpost i.e. explore the trails on foot, relax in the hot tub, fish the Red, toss some horseshoes, or curl up with a good book and a great cup of coffee! For a full list of activities please click here!

6 Day

August 2-7, 2024 /  $3995

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  • Departures from our staging area at the Bighorn Campground
  • Prices quoted are per person in Canadian dollars. Taxes additional.

For the serious, experienced, and balanced rider who is more than just comfortable sitting on a horse! Can your rider position effectively move your horse’s feet thereby, getting through to its mind?  Do you understand what you are asking a horse to do, and know when he gives it to you? Are you comfortable riding energetic and spirited horses out of the arena setting, where there are no rails or walls? How is your timing, awareness and release? Can you get your horse’s complete attention at all times, no matter what the distraction may be? Can you anticipate what a horse is going to do before he does?  If you answered a resounding yes to all of these questions, than you qualify to ride our gaited horses and MILE IN STYLE!  Our horses travel in their “gaited walks” at twice the speed (and more depending on terrain and distance) of a non-gaited horse at a walk We will be racking up saddle time, learning a thing or two about maximizing the connection between horse and rider, and safely and effectively communicating with the horse on the ground, in the saddle and on the trail. Learn how to get exactly what you ask of the horse, and what you want! Most gaited horse breeds are not genetically programmed to gait, and poor riding, poor shoeing, and poor handling, can all diminish a horse’s ability to get into its particular gait(s), and comfortably stay in gait while travelling at speed. Our goal is to have you help not hinder our gaited horses! Previous gaited horse experience is an asset but not mandatory.

Mile In Style Mile In Style