Jerry Tindell Alberta Clinics

Horseback Vacations – Jerry Tindell’s Rocky Mountain Trailblazer

Coming to THE OUTPOST June 2019! Stay tuned for dates.

The Outpost is pleased to welcome the ever popular Californian clinician Jerry Tindell for some fun in the saddle blazing the beautiful trails surrounding The Outpost. Now is the time to put your riding and horsemanship skills to use on the trail where there are no fences and wide open spaces, and in a location that quite possibly has the most varied riding terrain in the world! This 4 day stay is open to past and present Jerry Tindell clinic attendees and their horses and mules.  Be prepared to be wowed as you ride the trails surrounded by stunning mountain peaks, cross crystal clear glacier fed rivers and creeks, and enjoy the “digs and fixins” and western warmth and hospitality at The Outpost…a true Alberta treasure.

And that isn’t all.   You can enjoy a special evening demo with Jerry geared towards gaited horses and mules.  The evening will focus on building a foundation for equine and rider that will cause the horse/mule to move its feet a certain way, thus allowing it to gait. When you understand footfall (which foot is where at what time) than you will have a clear picture of what the 4-legged animal  needs to do to execute the movement you are asking. It is all about the partnership of timing and feel with you and your horse that creates the “roll into gait”.  Gaited horses need support from their rider to maintain their gait regardless of whether they are “natural” gaiters or not.

3 nights cozy cabin accommodation and scrumptious meals at the Outpost, plus hay and tie stall board for your horse, roundtrip wagon transport of your duffle and bubbly pops, 4 guided day rides, hot tub and showers, incredible food and the best home-baked pies (in the world) are all included, plus the gaited demo evening!  Price per person is $1400 all taxes included, with ADMC membership. A Steal of a Deal!

If you can’t make it out to to our little bit of heaven for the horseback vacation of rides of a lifetime, don’t fret as the Alberta Donkey and Mule Club has many Jerry Tindell Alberta clinic locations to choose from. You can register now for clinics covering Colt Starting, Problem Stock, Round Pen and Ground Work, Driving and Intermediate and Advanced Ridden.  For more information on Jerry’s Alberta clinics for 2019 please contact Marlene Quiring at 403-783-5210 or email her at . You can also visit and www.albertadonkeyand Price details, flyers and registration forms are available from each of those websites, each clinic host, and Marlene Quiring.

We sure hope you will be able to join us at The Outpost!


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